Sunday, July 27, 2008


It's been quite a long run for me. I've been running and running as if I'm being chased by someone. I've been running, not knowing where direction I head to... All I know is that I needed to be somewhere... somewhere I would feel secured and loved. I needed to run away from all of them... the ones who hurt me... the ones who broke my heart... the ones who did these to me... Why did you ever have to come in my life? I thought you'll gonna make me feel better and make me feel loved... but what did you do? All of you just crushed my heart and now, it's all bruised... I don't understand why every time I turn my back from all of you and I started to make my way through my life alone, I'll just see you at the crossroad... then you'll bother about me again and here goes the history repeating itself... I'm already tired of running... Sometimes I just want to disappear and be born again with a different name, with a different identity, with a different me... I dunno if I'm gonna last like this forever... I'm growing tired of trying and trying.... of loving and hurting.... I just want to be numb from all the pain you've all caused me.... I just want to be happy but that happiness seems to be of out my reach yet... It's even far beyond my imagination... If you are one of them, do you know what I am talking about? Do you feel the pain you've inflicted on me? Do you know how much it affects me? Do you realize what you've done? Are you really that insensitive? I dunno if ever you're gonna read all of these but I hope someday you'll realize my true worth in your lives and how much you've really lost when all of you left me behind...

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