Sunday, October 26, 2008

Accidents Happen

This is what Drue told me... Yes, accidents do happen and it happened to us... and this is the accident that started it all... the funniest love story in my life but I can say the most serious love relationship I've ever had and here it goes.

Total Darkness

This year has been definitely the darkest part of my life... I was in financial crisis... there was a misunderstanding in the family... someone attempted suicide... my love life got so complicated... I ended up with a broken heart... depression came... things got so messed up... expectations not met... work greatly affected... then, I ended up with nothing at all... Yes, total nothingness... I almost lost it all... I even came up to a point that I wanted to talk to no one because I believed no one can understand me anymore... even my family and my closest friends cannot... and I only talk to Him, God...

The accident

I wanted to fix up my wrath life and I was looking for a new job. With a new environment, I could start a new life. This is what I've been telling myself after all that had happened. My boss from my previous work asked for my updated resume which later, I learned that her husband, my close friend and org mate which is like more of an older brother to me, sent this to his friend and another friend of mine, my co-officer sent my resume to her previous company where she worked part-time before, which is coincidentally the same company where also my other org co-officer works. Amazing, right? It's like magic... or perhaps I can say it's more like of a destiny... After a phone interview, I was hired immediately and was requested to start as soon as possible.

From darkness came the light

There, I slowly recovered. New environment, new set of friends... Whew! I can relax now... *Sighs...* That's what I wanted to do after a few months of turmoil in my life... There, I met him, my Drue... Actually, my friend who recommended me to the new work, was already matching us even if I haven't met the guy. She was building him up so much that I'd got curious why she was so persistent in matching us... then, I just ride in to their matchmaking fun...

Getting too close

I never ever thought I'd find him there... It was so unexpected, too sudden but I'm glad that I did... I found Drue... His name is Francis Andrew but I loved etymology (Drue is a variant name form of Andrew)... I wanted to call him differently... or should I say I wanted to call him a special name. Here's a good guy I never imagined to have ever existed... This guy never failed to make me smile... He always make me feel better and I felt I've been so much loved and appreciated... that whenever I'm with him, I could just be myself.

That was the start of it all. We were just seated few inches from each other but we loved chatting thru YM... Then, phone calls and exchange of text messages also became frequent. At first, we learned to value each other as very close friends although I can feel that there is more than just friendship... Still, I just remained silent and waited for something to happen...

It's time for goodbye

Then, came a time when I needed to leave the new work too soon... I know that he doesn't want me to go yet he told me he'll support my decision. I was in great agony and it was getting difficult for me to leave Drue there but I needed to be firm with my decision and I did it... I needed to follow my dreams and do what I really wanted to do... I resigned.

Suddenly fallen in love

My last day is nearing by... I can feel his sadness and it's tearing my heart apart to see him like that... He plays some sad songs and I know he wanted to say something to me... and I was right. He started telling I'm special and I made him remember the feeling of being loved and cared by someone... The feeling is mutual... I've already fallen in love with this guy and I was just waiting those words from him... "What If I tell you that I've fallen for you, will you catch me?" He had a hard time telling me these words but I was so happy that he already had the courage to tell me so... At last, I heard it from him and I could love him much better. "Yes, I'll catch you..."

The best gift from God

I've never been this happy in my life... Drue always makes me feel special everyday in every way he can. Our day wouldn't start without a phone call or text message from each other. He would wake me up in the morning, tell me how much he loves me, remind me of things that I need to do... make me smile when he sees me sad... would bring me breakfast when I spent overnight at the office... encourage me when I needed the confidence boost... drive me home so that he knows I'm safe... hug me when I needed it the most... Could I ask for more? Here's the guy I always dreamed to be with... the guy I wanna spend my life forever... and I wish it would happen... Until now, I'm falling deeper and deeper in love with him... and everyday, we are getting more and more addicted to each other... and this is the best gift I've received from Him... when God sent Drue to me... ^_^