Friday, July 18, 2008

The last time

It's been a week already when I made that difficult decision... I am letting go of him. It's better this way, I thought. It gave me immense pain as I've expected. I tried forgetting him and find it hard to survive each day as I lessen my communications with him. I cried each night and I wanted to be in his arms even if he's somewhere far... I love him but I've got no place in his life now. I wanted both of us to be happy but I just can't go on with our setup

When was the last time we were together? I think it's two months ago... and I miss him that badly. If I had just known that it would be last time I would be with him... I would have hugged him much tighter... I would have kissed him longer... I would have savored every minute that I've been with him the last time...

Am I regretting? Yes, I am. I'm hurting so much. My heart's been bruised but doesn't he even know? I don't think so... I am just a someone in his life and I am nothing for him... As much as I want to think that he loves me too, I can't accept the fact that I just waited for nothing. All these months, I waited for the day that I would be happy with him but now, that happiness is lost already. It already ended and I was the one who ended it for good...I just wish that he's fine out there and he's happy.

Hey, please don't worry about me, I am fine... Go on with your life without me... Take care of yourself and be happy. That's all you can do for me now. I love you, goodbye...

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